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The Drams

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The Drams
Dec 12, 2006 The Drams
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setlist: d1t01: intro d1t02: Hummalong d1t03: Shortsighted d1t04: Crudely Drawn d1t05: Holy Moses d1t06: Unhinged d1t07: Fireflies d1t08: The Ballad Of El Goodo (Big Star) d1t09: Never U Mind d1t10: You Won't Forget d1t11: Homemade Biscuits (Chad) d1t12: When You're Tired d2t01: intro d2t02: To Love Sombody (BeeGees) d2t03: Winterlong (Neil Young) d2t04: Blue Eyes (Gram Parsons) d2t05: Des Moines d2t06: Trust Jesus d2t07: Billy Pritchart d2t08: Dunk You In The River d2t09: Waning d2t10: Make A...
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Topics: The Drams, americana, NL
Source: AUD > DAT
The Drams
Dec 3, 2006 The Drams
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Set: Unhinged, Hummalong, Shortsighted, Crudely Drawn, Holy Moses, Fireflies, The Ballad Of El Goodo, Never You Mind, You Won't Forget, Biscuits, When You're Tired, Billy Pritchard, Burned, Blue Eyes, Trust Jesus, Des Moines, The Shape I'm In, I Can Tell Your Love Is Waning, Make A Book Encore 1: To Love Somebody, I Am The Cosmos Encore 2: Dunk You In The River, Robert Cole
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Source: Microtech Gefell M300 > Apogee AD1000 > Nomad Jukebox III